Monday, March 30, 2009

The brain and life

Our feelings, our vision, our relationships, our spirits, how much of our lives are controlled by mere chemical reactions in our brain? Is our intellect calculated by the number of connections our neurons share in our brain? Is our ability to learn rated by how fast our brain can induce new and stronger connections? Are all of the feelings we have, love, hate, joy, fear, sorrow, just our brain releasing chemicals into our body that cause our body to feel and act differently? Is there a physical connection in our brain that locks our spiritual and physical potentials? If we learned so much in the pre-mortal existence, how do we not remember it? Is there a physical barrier in our brain? If Spirit is matter, are there specific neurons in our brain that are sensitive to it? Are the feelings of the spirit we feel more reactions caused by the spiritual matter to release more hormones into our body? Is it really this simple to have a mere physical connection between our body and spirit in which God, angels and other heavenly beings can communicate with us? Are there connections between these spiritually sensitive neurons and our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to activate fear related warnings from The Holy spirit, or the calming feeling of helping a friend in need?

This is a theory I have been working on lately. The thought came to me yesterday as my father was discussing the need for people to work in groups with me. The details of our discussion were this:
W all have our IQ's and they are all different. Some may have an IQ of 100 or 90 or even 130. If you work alone, you are limited to just an IQ of what you have. If you work in a group of people who all have different IQ's then you are, as a group, actually more intelligent and the groups IQ is actually added together to equate a higher IQ. My dad related a story to help explain this phenomenon.
Abraham Lincoln is known around the world as the best president ever elected into office. This is because of his extreme humility. He invited people that had opposite views from him to be in his office. By doing this he took his own ideas and IQ and added it to the IQ and thoughts of someone who had a completely different knowledge than he did. These kind of people filled his office. Lincoln had an office of such diverse thoughts, opinions, and IQ's that when they all worked together to solve a problem, their shared IQ was so high, that the best answer to every solution always came, and everybody was happy with it. My father went on to explain to me that if these intelligent men could combine to have a great IQ, then imagine if we could combine our IQ with the Lord's. My IQ, which i don't know at the moment, plus God's IQ, which is infinity, added together equals infinity. I could have infinity IQ if I just listened.

The thought came to me as i was pondering the ways that God communicates with us. "What if there are actual neurons that are sensitive to spiritual matter?" I thought. This would explain why it is easier to hear the gentle whispers of the spirit as we practice it more, and also why it gets harder when we don't. There could be a physical change in our brain that makes us more susceptible to the spirit, making it easier for God to teach, warn and guide us.

In conclusion, I now believe there to be a physical path in our brain in which God can communicate with us. He can feed us feelings, warnings, knowledge, praise, condemnation, and even glory.

This has been a moment inside the mind of Nate.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My day today!

This is the story of my day.

7:15 I wake up and push the snooze button ignoring the fact that i have school at 8:00

7:24 I am abruptly woken up again to rush out of bed and push the snooze button again.

7:28 I finally decide to overcome my temporal desires and wake up and go eat a big bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and to my disapproval, i run out of my orange peach mango juice.

7:35 -7:45 This area is censored

7:45 After being all dressed in my scrubs(i have work after school) i gather all of my stuff and pack a couple energy bars for my 4 hours of studying in the library after my first class.

7:55 I get up from resting my eyes on the couch before i go to school

8:00 The usual parking lot where i park is full so I have to go find a newer more further away spot... grr...

8:05 I finally find a spot and get out of my car to freeze in the burning cold weather.

8:10-8:50 I get to my class and start thawing out, we study the life of Christ and all about the pharisees and a couple miracles that Christ did.

9:00 i get to the library to start my 4 hour study

9:50 i wake up from an unexpected nap that had overtaken me

10:00-12:15 I study the amazingness which is the brain and all of the gyri and sulci that you could ever imagine to know!

12:15-12:45 i work on writing my blog!

12:45 I go to the cougar eat place and grab me a couple slices of pizza to eat and also a sobe to drink

13:00-13:50 I get to class, eat my food, sit by a friend and play freecell the entire class.(stats is boring!!!)

14:00-14:50 I get to my BOM class and study about the promised land which Lehi and his family had just arrived.

15:00-15:50 i get to my chem class and have a great time learning about different chemical reactions.(i like the precipitation reactions, they are cool!)

16:00-present I go to work. Not much here, just some gallbladders, placentas, blood, CSF. i played alot of Kid Icarus though and that was pretty fun! i had planned on starting to read the LOTR series today, but that didnt work out very well when Casen convinced me that nintendo was better. I had a great dinner when my best friend brought me a chicken wrap( i think thats what it was...) it was good and then we talked about life for about 20 mins. And now Rob just got here so it is time to go home!!!

The end(of this post)


Hello. My name is Nate and this is my blog.

Many people have been asking me about my blog, and when it is going to be completed. To them I have a lot to say. There is a lot that goes into the art of blog writing. There is the initial decision to create a blog, which involves becoming willing to share your deepest and darkest of feelings and thoughts, with the rest of the world. Then there is the thought process of what you are going to share with them. Then there is the actual writing of the blog, in which I dedicate this blog to. In this step there are thousands of processes to go through before you can finish… maybe millions even… this is my blog.

The sinoatrial node slowly throbs as it pulses its electrical current throughout the right atrium of my heart, thrusting the oxygen-depleted blood into the right ventrical chamber. Oxygen is then Deffused into the blood through the pulmonary circulation, providing the life supporting feul which biosynthesizes ATP. The ATP then charges the actin and myosin filiments.

Long before any of this, the cerebral cortex paired with the substancia nigra releases exitatory electrical impules to the inhibiting striatum which releases the hold the medial pallidum has on the VA nucleus stored deep within the thalamus. The VA nucleus then floods the premotor cortex with waves of signals signaling for the want of muscle movement. The motor cortex is then activated sending hundreds of thousands of action potentials down the motor pathway, through the spinal cord, out the spinal roots, into the arms, and through the figures activating the release of ATP onto the muscles continuously contracting and flexing my figures causing them to type this blog.